40 productivity-boosting search bookmarklets from TechRadar.com

This file contains direct links to the bookmarklets - simply drag and drop the ones you like onto your favourites bar.

(All bookmarklets based on original work by Greg R. Notess)

General search

Forget the toolbars, ditch the extensions, and don't bother entering a search engine URL. If you see a term you want to search for then highlight it on the current page and click one of our bookmarklets to run a search. Or just click one and enter your search terms.

Search Google

Search Yahoo

Search Bing

Search Ask

Repeat search

Sometimes you'll run a search at Google, say, and find it doesn't really deliver what you need. And so you'll laboriously enter a new search engine URL, re-type your query and hope for better results. Now there's an easier way. If a search engine fails, then just click one of our bookmarklets to repeat the same search elsewhere.

Repeat at Google

Repeat at Yahoo

Repeat at Bing

Repeat at Ask

Image search

Need a picture, graph or diagram? Just highlight relevant text on a web page and click one of our image-finding bookmarklets. Or you can select one without highlighting anything, in which case you'll be prompted for your search terms.

Search Google images

Search Yahoo images

Search Bing images

Search flickr

Search photobucket

Video search

With hundreds of millions of videos online it's not always easy to track down what you need, but our bookmarklets can help speed up the process. Highlight keywords on a web page and click one for immediate search results.

Search YouTube

Search MySpace video

Search dailymotion

Search MetaCafe

Search blip.tv

News search

Keep yourself up-to-date with our news bookmarklets. They work much like all the others: create a new bookmark, add an appropriate description, replace its URL with the JavaScript code and you're ready to go.

Search BBC

Search CNN

Search ITN

Search Sky News

Search Yahoo News

Reference search

The web is full of information-packed sites, and with our bookmarklets they're easier to access than ever. If you're reading an article about a film director, say, and want to find out more, then highlight his name with the mouse and click the IMDB bookmarklet for a complete career low-down.

Search Wikipedia

Search howstuffworks

Search Yahoo Answers

Search eHow

Search IMDB

Search Wolfram Alpha

UK shopping search

When you find a real bargain online then it's tempting to buy right away. But don't part with any cash until you've compared the prices available at other stores. Select the product name on the page, then click one of our bookmarklets to search for better deals.

Search Shopping.com

Search Google Shopping

Search ciao

Search Amazon

Search eBay

Search mySupermarket

Social networking search

If you want to find out more about someone then their social networking profiles are a very good place to start. Just select their name on the page, then click one of the bookmarklets here to track them down.

Search MySpace

Search Facebook

Search Bebo

Search Friendster

Search hi5